Urban Design masterplan Vizcaya – La Guairita – El Encantado

Among many complexities, fractures and discontinuities in the south of the city of Caracas, it is necessary to work on the project of the axis Vizcaya-Plaza Las Americas-El Encantado, with the idea of generating a strong and recognizable identity throughout its extension when thinking of reconstituting its urban fabric. It is proposed a multiple and diverse program that will help itself to be recognizable as a unique intervention despite is dispersion in its development.

The conditioning and valorization of the total dimension of this axis, as a landscaping resource in the city, comes with the proposal of the floral collection, which helps the axis to acquire its appearance and global character. There were considered two scales with which it was initially thought for: the metropolitan axis with its overall geometry and vegetation with natives species are the only landscape structures that spatially arranged transversally this axis, clearly being defined by the seating areas under deep shadows into the streets and wide illuminated zones free of trees and where the program lies on, along the pedestrian path as dominant landscape. Different elements and scales shape these interventions.

Project Type:
Instituto Metropolitano de Urbanismo Taller Caracas
Vizcaya - La Guairita - El Encantado
construction area:
69.500 m2
project management:
Proyectos Arqui5 C.A
Arq. Silvia Soonets
Arq. Marines Pocaterra - Arq. Pablo Nascimento - Arq. Tani Neuberger - Arq. Isabel Pocaterra - Arq. Carmelita Brant - Arq. Isabel Quiroz - Arq. María Mercedes Hernández - Br. Herimar Meneses - Br. Rafael Vasquez.