year: 2020

Since we decided to participate in this project we dedicated ourselves to understand in the best way the Desert landscape, since we come from a tropical country where natural abundance is its predominant condition, and in the case of the desert it is totally opposite, a condition that makes it interesting and special, venturing to […]

Puerto Encantado Urban and Tourist Development

year: 2016


Puerto Encantado is located along the northern shore off the coast of Venezuela approximately 120 km from the capital city Caracas. It uses a compact mixed-use urban model that places pedestrians, bikers and universal access at the center of design decisions. Puerto Encantado boasts 30 hectares of designed and programmed public spaces that provide a […]

Rio de Janeiro Boulevard Competition

year: 2015

Caracas is a city that is geographically divided by the river Guaire. Its Urban development never managed to connect both margins which resulted in wide avenues along the river, among them is the Rio de Janeiro avenue, located on the south bank and the edge of an urbanization with an active urban life and unbeatable […]

caf competition

year: 2015

Starting from the idea of reusing water in both, environment and existing urbanism, this proposal contemplates the promotion of social productivity that leverages the potential of green spaces in the neighborhood to develop an immediate micro economy that will lead to sustainable processes of expansion for the municipality’s concern through education on field. From there, […]

Reinventing Dharavi: A city in levels

year: 2014

Mumbai is  South Asia´s  biggest city and  around half of its population (of 14 millon of population) live in slums. Our proposal is based on the creation of new ground: Dharavies need to be near the street. Stacking their houses up does not fit their needs. The ground floor is so densely occupied that construction […]

landscape rehab masterplan for chacao municipality

year: 2010


The town hall of Chacao, while desinging the landscape master plan, decided to create a revitalization plan of the system of triangles, islands and road dividers, including products considered for this plan like the creation of a catalog for floristic species that would unify the image of the municipality. This work conducted a census of these […]

simon diaz center competition

year: 2010

The Borges house is an architectural 1960’s piece placed over the top of a hill with huge gardens and the best views of the city of Caracas, which over the years remains inserted inside the san Julian slum Tan Grande Como el barrio proposes to turn this beautiful house in a place for all, a […]

Urban Design masterplan Vizcaya – La Guairita – El Encantado

year: 2013


Among many complexities, fractures and discontinuities in the south of the city of Caracas, it is necessary to work on the project of the axis Vizcaya-Plaza Las Americas-El Encantado, with the idea of generating a strong and recognizable identity throughout its extension when thinking of reconstituting its urban fabric. It is proposed a multiple and […]