simon diaz center competition

The Borges house is an architectural 1960’s piece placed over the top of a hill with huge gardens and the best views of the city of Caracas, which over the years remains inserted inside the san Julian slum

Tan Grande Como el barrio proposes to turn this beautiful house in a place for all, a proposal between a community avid for education and public spaces and a fortress capable of receive and integrate itself to the neighborhood

The main idea of this proposal is to perforate the perimetral walls, leaving open doors for the neighbors and invite them in. These new doors are connected with a stairs system, which represents the real public space for this people.

Project Type:
Competition  Urban 
IMUTC Instituto Metropolitano de Urbanismo Taller Caracas
Barrio Julián Blanco, Petare Norte
project management:
Proyectos Arqui5 C.A.
Arq. Silvia Soonets
landscape design:
mmh estudio del paisaje