year: 2020

When we were contacted for the design of this project, we did not imagine the area to intervene, the roof of a Pent House where the most beautiful thing was the amazing visuals towards the city of Caracas, almost 360°. The design concept revolved around the client’s wishes such as creating a wall of aromatic […]


year: 2015

By being on the ground floor, the apartment has the possibility of having access to a terrace outside. Looking to have some greenery in this small terrace and a background for the kitchen, a vertical garden was raised. Most of this wall was located under a roofed area which allowed to develop a proposal that […]


year: 2020

I wanted to include this architectural project, specifically a remodeling of an apartment because, although I am an architect, after the Master in Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture became my passion, so I had time without doing work focused on architectural design, so with this proposal for a group of my family, I returned to take […]


year: 2014

This apartment gave us a great challenge since its location gave it all a huge retaining wall and which appearance was not pleasant. There was a proposal of a facade that, beyond being a metal structur, it is a piece of art that by its dimensions, achieves to specialize  the north side of the house […]


year: 2020

Located in one of the most wooded areas of Caracas, the small garden of House M56 presents an “L” distribution where each side generates a different condition, both in visuals and in its use, generating leisure spaces on one side and rest spaces on the other, but both directly connected to the landscape of the […]


year: 2016

This house has a terrain that has a slope that faces north. In response to same, we rely on the existence of a large stone wall present in the plot to develop a scheme of masonry terraces organizing the irregularity of the uneven ground and manage to define the center defined by large steps of grass and shrub […]


year: 2016

This garden is located in one of the most wooded areas of Caracas and the house itself has architectural replicas of the houses of 1800, representing a commitment to the proposal of its gardens. The design expresses three landscape features that define the character of the time : Emphasize the house by placing the landscaped […]

house g

year: 2009

From the customer’s Portuguese heritage demanded representation on the type of garden culture. So he created a sequence of events through which it was placing a collection that represents the existing flora in Portugal. Another strength of this garden is the presence of gardens utility, meaning that we will find fruit gardens, vegetable, vegetables, among […]

house e

year: 2013

The proposal for this terrace came from the contrast of black and white on the pavement with the idea of making this place wider, and greens and browns as warm accents. A central area is formed after settling green on its periphery through sits and planters that host a wide collection of bromelias with a green wall as background


year: 2008

Three concepts are handled in this house. The rear garden which has already brought very adult species Hura crepitans and Jacaranda obtusifolia, which was done by incapié in planting medium and low shrubs with an emphasis on the presence of bromeliads and malanga. The side garden serves as a connector between the rear garden and […]