year: 2014

It’s presented as series of green vertical partitions or walls along the facades of the offices to solve the visual problems presented in the two floors of the of Dr Care headquarters. They are accompanied by a series metal containers with different sizes and curvatures, which house the collection of bromeliads and orchids, and give a new image to the edges of the place.

la esquina de caracas, restaurant

year: 2016

La Esquina restaurant brings the late 50's Caracas lyfestyle. A place that looks back on the houses with great gardens, illuminated spaces able to making us feel the tropical wonders.

CITIC Headquarters

year: 2014

As part of Chinese culture, the use of public space brings about conditions and ways of addressing them and must know how to represent them.The garden is placed inside a large square formed by neither buildings that each may not be aligned frontally nor their access.

Britanica Tower PH

year: 2008

These gardens are located on the terraces of the Pent-house of the Torre Británica (British Tower). As a primary condition was necessary to carry out a dry garden, such as stone slabs, gravel and vegetation and a variety of Agaves. Because it is relatively inaccessible and insecure was necessary to place planters that demarcate a border that does not exist, these contain palms. The garden was formed from a structured grid metal edges that contain the various dry materials.

Casa Italia Club’s pool area redesign

year: 2015

The heart of the Casa Italia is its large pool as it’s around it where the entire club’s life is organized. We start from this point to expand its capacity of uses and space. It is then when it’s defined to update the edge of the pool with a beach system for placement of chairs, […]

Casa Italia Club’s playground redesign

year: 2013

Casa Italia is a club that has a long family tradition in the city of Maracay. Among its facilities there is the playground as the common place where more than 5 generations have passed from all the families of the club. After living the dynamics of the club it was decided to reorganize the park […]