Puerto Encantado Urban and Tourist Development

Puerto Encantado is located along the northern shore off the coast of Venezuela approximately 120 km from the capital city Caracas. It uses a compact mixed-use urban model that places pedestrians, bikers and universal access at the center of design decisions.

Puerto Encantado boasts 30 hectares of designed and programmed public spaces that provide a promising vehicle to foster community engagement and social cohesion, which is the end goal of a more sustainable and socialy inclusive urban model.

Public Spaces in Puerto Encantado represent more than 43,5% of all land-use and generate a public space/capita index of 9,69% sq m/ inhabitant.

The view along Pelicano Avenue shows a dynamic pedestrian scene fronted by mixed use development that has retail and cafes of the ground level. Dedicated bike lanes run paralel to the street but remain separate for greater security. Bioswales along the edge of the street receive rainwater, absorbing part of its volume and filtering it before it flows back into the canals.

Project Type:
HBC Corporation
Higuerote, Miranda.
construction area:
300.000 m2
project management:
HBC Corporation
architecture design:
Enlace Arquitectura
landscape design:
mmh estudio del paisaje