landscape rehab masterplan for chacao municipality

The town hall of Chacao, while desinging the landscape master plan, decided to create a revitalization plan of the system of triangles, islands and road dividers, including products considered for this plan like the creation of a catalog for floristic species that would unify the image of the municipality. This work conducted a census of these areas, criteria and guidelines were raised edge and access to the municipality, were prioritized for arterial roads into and out of town and formed the intervention stages of this plan. Alongside this were developed eight specific projects within the municipality.

It looks forward to promote meeting places and to tie up the network of public spaces proposed by a kind of great urban dock, which serves as a balcony that overlooks the city.

Project Type:
Chacao Town Hall
Chacao Municipality
Arq. Dulce Naime - Urb. Cristina Weber
landscape design:
mmh estudio del paisaje