Casa Italia Club’s pool area redesign

The heart of the Casa Italia is its large pool as it’s around it where the entire club’s life is organized. We start from this point to expand its capacity of uses and space. It is then when it’s defined to update the edge of the pool with a beach system for placement of chairs, grand staircases to facilitate entry to the pool for the elderly, new decks for placing umbrellas and tables. It is planned to connect it to the sports area with the new restaurant lounge, which would be submerged to be closer to the water. This restaurant has on its other side small area with a new pool with beach and water jets. The use of the lanes is reorganized and given a place to practice swimming. The element that ends up organizing all the new pavement proposal is part of a grid that manages to engage the new decks, green areas and pedestrian paths.

Project Type:
Casa Italia, Maracay
Maracay, edo. Aragua
construction area:
3.430 m2
Arq. María Mercedes Hernández
landscape design:
mmh estudio del paisaje
Arq Herimar Meneses, Ing Riego Ayarit Ramos, Ing Sanitarias Rafael Maldonado, Estructura AIDS