RE-creating Puerto Azul Club

After the effects of the depression occurred in La Guaira in 1999 and 2005, and its impact on the Puerto Azul Club, the characteristics and dimensions of the ancient ocean beach changed radically. This becomes an area of about 5 acres and brings the ability to update and expand the range of activities for the club. From a contest of ideas promoted by the Board of the Puerto Azul Club, and supported by the CAV (Venezuelan Association of Architects), our proposal is chosen to develop the rehabilitation of the oceanic beach.

The project is built on four main principles: Reducing the risk of inundiación, creation of interconnection and access, memory and enhancement of the club’s heritage and environmental recovery.

Based on the vulnerability factor and product topographic slopes landslides, we propose the creation of a terrace system organized according to the pattern of flooding, which land-structure, organizes the uses passive and active before the possibilities of answers flooding. The main pedestrian flows are organized through walkways that emphasize the terrace system, interconnecting the club, while incorporating pedestrian ramps for accessibility for the handicapped and the elderly to all club activities.

In addition, we have the continuity of tree heritage by creating an inclusive landscape between forests and coast, basing the design on the original landscape proposal of Roberto Burle-Marx. Floral Collection proposal adapts to salinity and heat stroke, combining colors, sizes and growth rates.

Although initially raised the minimum infrastructure applications, the demand for new activities enhanced the incorporation of the salt water pool and a pool with slides and water games, ride the river with barbecues, surf terraces , Tennis arena and Boccia, grandstand shows, children’s playground and a skate park.

Project Type:
Club Puerto Azul
Naiguata, Vargas
construction area:
5000 m2
Arq. María Mercedes Hernández - Arq. Tomás Cervilla - Arq. María Gabriela Ochoa - Arq. Elena Sanz